Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E01 - Mole Hunt
International Secret Intelligence Service is a super spy agency where clever, blissfully non-PC banter, pop-cultural references, sex and temperaments fly amok. In a typical week, Archer is tortured by an ISIS agent who sounds German, Russian and American in rapid succession. The head of ISIS deems the performance of her agent son, Archer, "unsatisfactory." At home, in a terraced penthouse, drunken Archer "ping-pongs" a French stewardess, marvels at her dog, Abelard, and harasses his ancient British valet, Woodhouse. At work again, Archer is an HR nightmare; he seems not to play well with office staff. There is Pam Poovey, portly head of HR, who dresses like Malory; Dr. Krieger, the mysterious "food rapist" and scientist; Carol Gimple, Malory's attractive, space cadet secretary; Lana Kane, green-eyed, statuesque fellow field agent (and angry ex-girlfriend of Archer); and Cyril Figgis, meek accountant/ISIS comptroller and Lana's new f-buddy.