Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E04 - Killing Utne
There has to be a catch if Malory invites the ISIS drones to a dinner party at her home. Malory wants the U.N. contract from stuffy Torvald Utne, the guest of honour. Everyone but Archer shows up with a date, including sensual "Carina," squired by Woodhouse. Malory claims his "hoors" pilfer her medicine cabinet. The ISIS crew repels Utne. Luckily Archer has time to hit an ATM machine so he can go back to Malory's with a blonde bag of eye candy. Malory has murderous Huns in her kitchen; nobody expects "The Needle." Archer goes for the baby aspirin, ends up talking to Tiny Man, and wonders if Malory switched the aspirin for LSD. It all turns into a team-building project. If Longpig is the alternative, remaining dinner guests are happy to help a neighbor redecorate. It's win-lose-lose: just ask Trudy Beekman!