Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E06 - Skorpio
Lana desperately needs some "Me Time." She escapes Cyril's oppressive brand of love to bask in the sunny south of France as a guest on the mega-yacht of Skorpio (it's a mononym.) Lana frolics and drinks champagne...and starts to thwart a very dangerous arms deal. Meanwhile, Malory the Micromanager and Nikolai are aboard "The Chum Guzzler" watching her at work. When Malory gets a mixed signal, Archer goes off half-cocked to rescue Lana. Is three company for Skorpio Wonka, two agents and the chocolate fountain? At ISIS HQ, Krieger, Cyril, Cheryl and Pam fun, frolic and fuss at Fort Kickass. Count on Cyril to always pull a boner!