Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E07 - Skytanic
Trudy Beekman books the last passage on rigid airship, Excelsior, which runs on non-flammable helium and is the next big thing in luxury travel. With one route between London and New York, gambling, duty free shopping and fine dining are a few of the amenities available during a 24-hour tour. When the airship Captain receives a bomb threat, ISIS is supposed to thwart disaster. Ms. Micromanager arranges to be aboard with the married couple from Hell; there are stowaways. The menu includes choke sex, Campari Vodka and one Sheik with indecent proposal in a luxury suite. Add Fiacci knockoffs, one eye patch and a vealy vulva. Does ISIS face a genuine bomb scare or scare-hatchery on the Excelsior? Is it Von Zeppelin or Led Zeppelin? Oh, the humanity! The NATO phonetic alphabet (and Wales, U.K.) will never be the same!