Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E08 - The Rock
Since the famous Uffizi disaster, ISIS has not received a lucrative contract to serve as security consultant for a foreign power and/or government. Malory is spot-on her micromanaging mettle when her two best agents are asked to test palace security for San Marino's wealthy microstate (or principality, depending on one's view). When mudak, Len Trexler, steals the San Marino contract for ODIN, Malory commits three phrasing errors in a row and orders ISIS agents to commence "Operation Rub Len Trexler's Big Fat Nose In It!" Days of Oktoberfest and gallons of Jagermeister, beer, schuetzie and absinthe cannot disguise a tiny champagne-coloured thingamabob or labor issues of the drones. In San Marino, ill-equipped Archer and Lana strike forth to make the diamond hot. Back at ISIS, it is all bread and roses, entitlement crap and collective bargaining. With the fate of her only son, Lana (and a limited quantity of gin) in the hands of the drones, will Malory crumble to labor?