Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E09 - Job Offer
On a mission in Paris, Archer's situational awareness and amazing driving skills are enough to locate enemy agent Kasparov. But, with the constant bickering between the Bendersons of ISIS, they cannot stop ODIN from claiming the capture AND the bounty as cocky Barry Dylan tosses his business card into their car. Back in NY, Malory is so insulting, Archer threatens to go to work for ODIN; Malory thinks he is all talk. Archer golfs at ODIN with mudak Len Trexler; Lana packs her bags for Paris and her own ODIN interview. Absinthe-soaked Malory "plays with matches," and clingy Cyril tags along with Lana. Barry finds Archer deep in HR matters; Barry is not unhappy when Len Trexler asks him to do some housecleaning. As Archer reeks, Lana makes life-changing decisions about jobs, black flags, curtsying and Archer. He and Lana find Cyril deep in the exact same HR matter previously occupying Archer. (Allo!) Lana faces another decision. How would flensed, flaming Woodhouse PJs look?