Do you want ants? becasue that’s how you get ants. – Sterling Archer

The Office S01E10 - Dial M for Mother
On the heels of Cyril's latest disgrace, a new ISIS policy: No Banging Co-Workers is issued by Malory and posted by Pam. "Come Monday, it will be alright..." but there will be no more Spring Break at South Padre Island! Archer is not concerned with trivialities until he sees the latest fashions from Frederick's of Latvia...and hears Nikolai Jakov address him as "son." Archer is very confused; his father was Black Jack Archer who won the Navy Cross and had a military funeral with 21-gun salute. But Nikolai is fuming: he cannot believe Malory slept with that mudak Trexler and Gene Krupa...or was it Buddy Rich? Nikolai calls his murderous Huns to extract some revenge, Lana hatches her own capitalist revenge plot ...the ball-slappy sex way! The last thing Archer needs is another hole in his head; later, the last thing Archer needs is a loud rendition of "Mulatto Butts." Take a number or take a cleaver. Whether it is Ubil Mat or just a big jazzy blur, at least the old gal's still got it.